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The stage decor plays an important role in making the event more attractive.


The hall decoration creates the mood of celebration and keeps everyone in rythm.


Entrance decoration ignites the mood of celebration and grabs the attention of the visitors.


Decorators Focused On Delivering Best Designs.

We have 29 years of experience and keep up with the latest Fashions and Trends. We are passionate about creating unforgettable wedding celebrations and special events for those who desire a destination with the kind of charm that only Senthil Flower can offer.


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"A wedding, a great wedding, is just a blast. A celebration of romance and community and love... What is unfun about that? Nothing."
- Ariel Levy


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We have experience in delivering the best designs all over India.


Frequently Asked Questions

We offer all type of decoration for any event like reception, engagement, baby shower, birthday, upanayanam, sangeeth, etc., 

Yes, we do work outside chennai anywhere inside India. We have proven track record of working all over India and collaborating with localities making it more as awful event.

The requirement of the each and every event differs so we work around and provide the best offer to make it affordable. Yes, we do take care of the cost that doesn’t affect your wedding or any event. 

Yes, We do decor your home according to your need. We believe that happiness and josh of the event starts at home. So we decor the home as per your needs and ideas.

We do follow all the latest decorative ideas and technologies to stand out from the competitors. We do have experienced professional who can work around on the optimization of your event. Do you have any design ideas? Everyone has dream of their of event so we deeply listen to our customers to provide the best output. 

We work on any size or area irrespective of any criteria. All we need is approval from your end and from the hall. Then we take care of the rest so that you can enjoy and do other important things for your event. We don’t bug you often and provide extradionary design output which doesn’t fail to catch the eyes of all the guests for your event.

As said earlier we work on all the aspects with your requirements. We listen to you with our open ears to understand the taste and theme that you are dreaming then we put up everything that matches up into single piece. Even if you miss anything, Don’t worry! Our team would inform and educate about the requirements so that you don’t need any prior knowledge about things need to be taken care.

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The team is highly motivated towards the work and they are passionate about what they are doing.
Our dream wedding comes alive. They went extra mile on some props that I have never expected

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